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Victorian Tea Set Belleek Type Rare Tea Leaf

  • ITEM - Child's Teapot, Creamer, Sugar and Waste Bowl
  • DATE - c1850
  • PATTERN - Patterning in the porcelain giving it the look of Belleek but not the fineness.
    It has a gold patterning.
    The identical shaped set can be seen in Doris Lechler's book English Toy China'
    The pattern in the book is in green and different. Her classification of the set is scarce and also an exciting find !!
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - English - maker unknown
  • SIZES -
  • Teapot is 4 inches to the handle on the cover and 6 inches from spout to handle inclusive
  • Covered Sugar is 4 inches to the handle on the cover and 5 inches across handle to handle,
  • Creamer is 3 inches high and 3 inches lip to handle inclusive.
  • Waste Bowl is 2 inches high and 4 inches across
  • Great addition to any collection of children's wares
    Condition of Item
  • Teapot has a few nibbles on the inner rim - all hidden by the cover and very minor, slight
    discolouration on the handle
  • Covered Sugar has one minute glaze chip on the underside of one of the handles - so small it cannot be photographed
  • The Creamer has one pin head size nick in the rim near the handle.
    A firing flaw in the form of a line half way across the base of the handle - solid no movement and it has been there since it was made.
    On the inside of the creamer is an area that seems not to have been glazed - I have checked and cannot find any damage or repair
  • The Waste Bowl rings like a bell and appears to be perfect
  • Taking into account that little hands have handled these pieces over the years they have kept remarkably well
  • I have many photographs of these pieces so please feel free to email me to forward them on to you

    Price :$195 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#10-1140

    Childrens Items Including Flow Blue & Gaudy

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