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Child's Toy Doll’s Wash Set

  • ITEM - Child's Toy Doll's 4 Piece Wash Set - Toilet Set
  • Consists of Slop Bucket and Cover, Water Jug, Soap Dish with Stand and
    Toothbrush Tray/Razor Tray - unfortunately the wash bowl is missing
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - Possible German
  • PATTERN - Floral
  • DATE - late 1800's early 1900's
  • These little sets are so very hard to find - and although we are missing the Wash
    Bowl the other pieces are so perfect
  • SIZES -
  • Slop Bucket and cover 3 ½ inches high and 3 ¾ inches across the top
  • Water Jug 5 ¼ inches high and 3 ¾ inches across from lip to handle
  • 2 Piece Soap Dish 1 inch high by 2 ¼ inch across and 3 inches in length
  • Toothbrush Tray / Razor Tray ¼ inch deep and 2 inches wide and 4 ½ inches in
    Condition of Item
  • Minor nibbles on the base of the soap dish and on the underneath of the actual soap dish tray there looks to be
    a chip - but I think it may well have come from the factory like this -
  • There is no major damage to any of the pieces and those items mentioned above are very minor and in no way detract from the overall look of the pieces

    Price :$125 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#10-734

    Childrens Items Including Flow Blue & Gaudy

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