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White Ironstone 3 Piece Sauce Tureen

  • ITEM - 3 piece sauce tureen
  • DATE - c1853-5
  • PATTERN - White Ironstone with copper lustre
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - Brougham & Mayer
  • SIZES - Tureen is about 8 inches high to the top of the finial,7 inches handle to handle, base/undertray is 8 inches handle to handle
  • This is a nice early 3 piece sauce tureen set with a great finial and shape
  • Please check the condition report as it does have a few little problems
    Condition of Item
  • This is a lovely set but there are a few minor flaws - all have been photographed so please check all the pictures supplied
  • There is a small chip and very short tight hairline in the cover
  • On the Tureen, there are a couple of little nibbles on the inner rim, a small glaze chip on one handle and a chip on the underside of the foot
  • Base has a small piece missing on one handle (small chipped off piece) and a small glaze chip one the centre which is covered when the tureen is in place.
  • The list seems long but all the damage is small and could if needed be restored but it will also display beautifully as is considering the age of the piece it is not doing too bad

    Price :$78 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#12-1308

    Antique Staffordshire Pottery Including Blue & White

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