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Flow Blue Jug Queen Victoria & Albert

This lovely Commemorative jug with Flow Blue and Copper Lustre depicts The Princess Royal and Prince of Prussia
Date around c 1840's
Great detail on the handle with the face on the inside of the jug
There is the initial P impressed on the base of the handle and the numbers 137 painted on the underside of the base
The Black transfer has been over painted by hand
The jug measures about 5 inches to the top of the handle and 5 inches from the lip to the spout
This is an unusual size to find in this particular item
There is some crazing from age and on the handle there is a fine hairline
This is a great piece to add to a Commemorative collection or a Flow Blue collection

Price :$110 - Price includes shipping worldwide

Ref :#17-413

Flow Blue & Polychrome Including Carlton, Keeling & Gaudy

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