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Beautiful Mulberry Polychrome Tall Pedestal Compot

Beautiful Chili Mulberry Polychrome Tall Pedestal Compote
  • ITEM - Tall Pedestal Compote
  • DATE - c1848
  • PATTERN - Chili
  • MAKER / ORIGIN - English Staffordshire maker unknown
  • SIZES - Approximately 7inches High and 12 inches across
    the base handle to handle
  • This is a very beautiful piece of early Mulberry the colours used are still vibrant
  • Wonderful item so useful either to add to a set or to stand alone – great for table decoration
  • All prices include shipping to the USA . For shipping to any other Country please email for a
    There is no restoration.
    There is a small hairline in the bowl.
    A little wear to the paint on the rim, and light staining on the outside of the bowl ( I am sure it will clean – just haven’t a big enough vessel to place it in at the moment)

    Price :$180 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#8-1315

    Antique Mulberry Ironstone Pottery

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