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Mulberry Tea Pot - Davenport

  • ITEM Mulberry Tea Pot
    This is a nice example of an Ironstone Mulberry Teapot
  • Pattern Cypress
  • Maker Davenport
    Shape is Eight Sided Octagon
  • Date c1850
  • Sizes Measuring 9 ˝ inches high to the finial on the cover and 10 inches across from spout to handle
  • Condition
  • Unfortunately this item has not come through life in perfect order but for something over 150 years old it doesn’t look too bad
  • There is a hairline that goes across the rim and into the pot for about 1 inch there is no movement in this area - there are 2 small glaze rubs on the side, a chip on the base to the underside and a tiny glaze nick on the spout - the cover has a glaze chip to the top of the finial on one side and two chips to the underside of the rim - these do not show when the cover is in place - then neither does the hairline in the main body as this tends to blend in with the colour of the teapot
  • A very nice display item and priced with the damage in mind
  • Please email for more pictures of the flaws

    Price :$199 - Price includes shipping worldwide

    Ref :#8-397

    Antique Mulberry Ironstone Pottery

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