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Category - Flow Blue CAVENDISH

A selection of Losol Ware - Keeling & Co. Cavendish Pattern

Flow Blue Cavendish
Panelled Vase

Shaped Jug and Low
Pedestal Bowl -

Flow Blue Oval
Scalloped Edged Dish

Set of 3 Graduating

Pair of Flow Blue
Cavendish Vases

Flow Blue Ewers -
Losol Ware Keeling

Flow Blue Hydra Jug
Rare Shape

Flow Blue Cavendish
Chamber Pot Keeling
& Co

Flow Blue Cavendish

Flow Blue Cavendish
Large Vase

Flow Blue Jug

4 Small Bowls

Small Round Jug

Round Jug - Medium

Pair of Flow Blue
Cavendish Vases

Cress or
Strawberry Dish
Losol Cavendish

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